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About Me

I’ve spent decades optimizing productivity methods and performance improvement. Let me share what I’ve learned.

I’m Ed Stanfield

While still in college I got my first experience in entrepreneurship. My father invented a device to regulate paper feeding mechanisms of an offset printing press. My brother and I produced the products in our garage with a variety of machine tools (lathes, milling machines, etc) and shipped the product. I also conducted a direct mail marketing campaign. We tried to license the invention but got nowhere.

My corporate career started at the Collins Radio Division of Rockwell International where I was an Engineer Scientist Grade 1. Sound impressive? (It wasn’t). That was the basic entry-level position for all new grads that didn’t know anything. Within a year of my hire, that division lost some government contracts and started laying-off.  I bailed out early.

My next job at Nortel and lasted over 20 years in roles as an engineer, project manager, and IT manager.  The telecom industry started to crash, I was given a “package” and jumped ship. Nortel was eventually sold-off in bits and pieces and ceased to exist.

Next, I co-founded a small business that designed surge protectors and a line of unique cables and adapters (all patented) that were manufactured in China and sold primarily in the USA but also had some distribution in Europe and Asia. This business is still active in a purely IP licensing model.

Now, I’m focusing my energies on sharing what I’ve learned about personal productivity and performance.

Over the past few months, I’ve been answering questions posed on the Quora platform, anything related to productivity and it’s many permutations.

The metrics you see are modest by Quora standards. Some writers have millions of answer views. Nevertheless, they awarded me the status of a Quora Top Writer for 2018.

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